Hi, my name is Kamryn. I am a Disney cast member at heart! I am 21 and I live in Southern California. I am a videographer and an annual passholder to both Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood. I am very blessed to have the friends I have and to know the people I know. :) Currently striving to work for Disney! Say hi if you want or fill my ask box!
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    While my friend and I were out Ice fishing, his dog broke out of his house and got herself a job

    full story??


    this dog has a job and i don’t

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    Aren’t I?

    Happy birthday, flynnriders! Divya, you are such a sweet person and I am glad to have known you. I hope your wishes come true!

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    Walt at it’s a small world's 1966 grand opening ceremony


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    the ultimate comeback 

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